Bet of the Day – The betting strategy that wins

We select one bet a day from the football fixtures available and we call it Bet of the Day or Pick of the Day.

What is the staking strategy here?

We follow a staking strategy inspired from the Fibonacci sequence, which is definitely customized.

When there is a lost prediction, we increase the stake so that the possible profit covers the previous losses.

When there is a won prediction, we decrease the stake to start either from our base amount or from a lower level (if our winnings are getting high).

Things to notice:

– The odds are usually good enough to cover the previous losses. We like odds at 1.90 or above.

– This is the most successful strategy we list on Live Tipster.

You can check our latest list of Bet of the Day in the following table.

Pick of the Day

25/04/2018UCLBayern Munich v Real Madrid2Pre3.60
(25/04/2018 at 09.05)
24/04/2018UCLLiverpool v Roma2-3 goalsPre2.10
(24/04/2018 at 09.00)
23/04/2018ENG - PLEverton v NewcastleOver 2.5Pre2.10
(23/04/2018 at 09.50)
22/04/2018ITA - AJuventus v NapoliBTTS (G/G)Pre1.95
(22/04/2018 at 09.20)
21/04/2018ENG - FAMan Utd v Tottenham2Pre2.35
(21/04/2018 at 08.55)
20/04/2018ENG - CHMillwall v Fulham2Pre2.25
(20/04/2018 at 09.20)
19/04/2018ENG - PLLeicester v SouthamptonOver 2.5Pre1.85
(19/04/2018 at 09.35)
18/04/2018ITA - AFiorentina v LazioOver 2.5Pre1.80
(18/04/2018 at 08.58)
17/04/2018SPA - PLLa Coruna v Sevilla1Pre2.62bet36510-10
16/04/2018ENG - PLWest Ham v StokeBTTS (G/G)Pre1.90bet36540+36
15/04/2018ITA - ALazio v Roma2Pre2.87bet36520-20
14/04/2018ENG - CHFulham v Brentford1Pre1.80bet36510-10
13/04/2018SPA - PLGirona v Real Betis2Pre3.20bet36510+22
12/04/2018UELMarseille v RB Leipzig1Pre2.30bet36510+13
11/04/2018ENG - CHWolves v Derby2-3 goalsPre2.00bet36540+40
10/04/2018ENG - CHAston Villa v Cardiff2-3 goalsPre2.00bet36520-20
09/04/2018SPA - PLVillareal v Athletic Bilbao1Pre1.85bet36510-10
08/04/2018ENG - PLChelsea v West HamBTTS (G/G)Pre2.00bet36520+20
07/04/2018ENG - PLMan City v Man Utd1Pre1.80bet36510-10
06/04/2018ENG - CHCardiff v Wolverhampton2Pre2.62bet36510+16.20
05/04/2018UELArsenal v CSKA MoscowOver 2.5Pre1.72bet36510+7.20
04/04/2018ITA - AAC Milan v Inter MilanUnder 2.5Pre1.70bet365200+140
03/04/2018UCLJuventus v Real MadridBTTS (G/G)Pre1.90bet365100-100
02/04/2018ENG - CHSheff Utd v Cardiff2Pre3.10bet36530-30
01/04/2018SPA - PLMalaga v Villareal2Pre2.10bet36520-20
31/03/2018ITA - AJuventus v Milan2-3 goalsPre1.95bet36510-10
30/03/2018ENG - CHLeeds v BoltonBTTS (G/G)Pre1.90bet36540+36
29/03/2018ENG - L1Blackburn v BradfordOver 2.5Pre1.95bet36520-20
28/03/2018ITA - BAscoli v BariBTTS (G/G)Pre1.95bet36510-10
27/03/2018INT - FRSpain v ArgentinaBTTS (G/G)Pre1.80bet36520+16
26/03/2018SPA - SDCadiz v Huesca1Pre2.25bet36510-10
25/03/2018ENG - L1Portsmouth v OxfordOver 2.5Pre2.00bet36510+10
24/03/2018ENG - L1Charlton v Plymouth1Pre2.15bet36520+23
23/03/2018INT FRHolland v England2-3 goalsPre1.95bet36510-10
21/03/2018ENG - L1Walsall v Wigan2Pre1.66bet365150+100
19/03/2018ENG - L1Doncaster v BradfordBTTS (G/G)Pre1.90bet36540-40
18/03/2018SPA - PLVillareal v Atletico Madrid2Pre2.10bet36520-20
17/03/2018ENG - CHFulham v QPR2-3 goalsPre2.10bet36510-10
16/03/2018SPA - PLLevante v EibarBTTS (G/G)Pre1.95bet36540+38
15/03/2018UELArsenal v AC Milan2Pre4.00bet36520-20
14/03/2018UCLBesiktas v Bayern1Pre6.50bet36510-10
13/03/2018UCLMan Utd v Sevilla2-3 goalsPre2.00bet36540+40
12/03/2018ENG - PLStoke v Man CityBTTS (G/G)Pre2.10bet36520-20
11/03/2018ENG - CHNottm Forest v DerbyBTTS (G/G)Pre1.80bet36510-10
10/03/2018ENG - CHPreston v Fulham2Pre2.40bet36520+28
09/03/2018ITA - ARoma v TorinoBTTS (G/G)Pre1.75bet36510-10
08/03/2018UELAtletico v Lokomotiv Moscow2-3 goalsPre2.00bet36510+10
07/03/2018UCLTottenham v JuventusBTTS (G/G)Pre1.80bet36510+8
06/03/2018ENG - CHFulham v Sheff Utd1Pre1.90bet36540+36
05/03/2018SPA - PLCelta Vigo v Las PalmasUnder 2.5Pre2.30bet36520-20
04/03/2018SPA - PLBarcelona v Atletico MadridBTTS (G/G)Pre1.95bet36510-10
03/03/2018ITA - ALazio v Juventus2Pre2.25novibet40+50
02/03/2018ENG - CHMiddlesbrough v Leeds2 DNBPre3.40bet36520-20
01/03/2018ENG - PLArsenal v Man City1 or XPre2.10bet36510-10
28/02/2018ITA - CUPLazio v MilanXPre3.50bet36510+25
27/02/2018ENG - FASwansea v Sheff Wed1Pre1.75bet36510+7.50
26/02/2018ITA - ACagliari v Napoli2 at HTPre1.80novibet10+8
25/02/2018ENG - PLMan Utd v ChelseaΧ at HTPre2.05novibet100+105
24/02/2018ENG - CHFulham v WolvesOver 2.5Pre2.05novibet40-40
23/02/2018FRA - L1Strasbourg v Montpellier2Pre2.50novibet20-20
22/02/2018UELAC Milan v LudogoretsBTTS (G/G)Pre1.90bet36510-10
21/02/2018SPA - PLLeganes v Real MadridBTTS (G/G)Pre1.90novibet100+90
20/02/2018UCLBayern v BesiktasBTTS (G/G)Pre2.15novibet40-40
19/02/2018SPA - PLGetafe v Celta VigoBTTS (G/G)Pre1.80bet36520-20
18/02/2018SPA - PLAtletico v Athletic Bilbao1 at HTPre1.95bet36510-10
17/02/2018ENG - CHFulham v Aston Villa2-3 goalsPre2.00novibet20+20
16/02/2018GER - BLHertha Berlin v Mainz1Pre2.11novibet10-10
15/02/2018UELLyon v Villareal1Pre2.00novibet10+10
14/02/2018UCLReal Madrid v PSG1Pre2.30bet36520+26
13/02/2018UCLJuventus v Tottenham1Pre2.25bet36510-10
12/02/2018ENG - PLChelsea v West Brom1 at HTPre1.90bet36520+18
11/02/2018SPA - PLCelta Vigo v Espanyol1Pre1.85bet36510-10
10/02/2018ENG - PLTottenham v Arsenal1Pre2.04novibet20+20,80
09/02/2018ITA - AFiorentina v JuventusBTTS (G/G)Pre2.00bet36510-10
08/02/2018GRE - CUPAtromitos v PAOKBTTS (G/G)Pre2.25bet36520+25
07/02/2018SPA - CUPSevilla v LeganesBTTS (G/G)Pre1.95bet36510-10
05/02/2018ENG - PLWatford v ChelseaBTTS (G/G)Pre1.90bet36520+18
04/02/2018ENG - PLLiverpool v Tottenham1Pre2.05bet36510-10
03/02/2018ENG - PLArsenal v EvertonBTTS (G/G)Pre1.80bet365120+96
02/02/2018FRA - L1Marseille v MetzNo BTTS (N/G)Pre2.00bet36540-40
01/02/2018SPA - CUPBarcelona v ValenciaBTTS (G/G)Pre1.66bet36520-20
31/01/2018ENG - PLStoke v Watford1Pre2.15bet36510-10
30/01/2018ENG - PLSwansea v ArsenalBTTS (G/G)Pre1.90bet36510+9
29/01/2018SPA - PLCelta v BetisOver 3.5Pre2.37bet365120+164.40
28/01/2018FRA - L1Marseille v Monaco1Pre2.05novibet70-70
27/01/2018SPA - PLValencia v Real Madrid2-3 goalsPre2.40bet36530-30
26/01/2018FRA - L1Dijon v Rennes2Pre2.70bet36520-20
25/01/2018SPA - CUPBarcelona v EspanyolBTTS (G/G)Pre2.20bet36510-10
24/01/2018ITA - ALazio v Udinese2-3 goalsPre2.05bet3651000+1050
23/01/2018SPA - CUPSevilla v Atletico Madrid2Pre2.40bet365350-350
22/01/2018ENG - PLSwansea v LiverpoolBTTS (G/G)Pre2.00bet365250-250
21/01/2018ITA - AInter Milan v Roma1Pre2.50bet365100-100
20/01/2018ENG - PLLeicester v Watford1Pre1.83bet365300+249
19/01/2018ENG - CHDerby v Bristol City1Pre2.00bet365100-100
17/01/2018FRA - L1Lille v Rennes1Pre2.15bet36540-40
16/01/2018FRA - L1Bordeaux v Caen1Pre1.98novibet20-20
15/01/2018ENG - PLMan Utd v StokeOver 3.5Pre2.20bet36510-10
14/01/2018ENG - PLLiverpool v Man CityOver 3.5Pre2.37bet3652000+2740
13/01/2018ENG - PLChelsea v LeicesterBTTS (G/G)Pre1.90bet3651000-1000
12/01/2018ENG - CHShef Utd v Shef WedBTTS (G/G)Pre2.00bet365400-400
11/01/2018SPA - CUPBarcelona v Celta VigoBTTS (G/G)Pre1.75bet365200-200
10/01/2018ENG - LCChelsea v Arsenal2-3 goalsPre2.00bet36580-80
08/01/2018SPA - LLMalaga v EspanyolXPre3.00bet36530-30
07/01/2018ENG - FAShrewsbury v West Ham2Pre2.10bet36520-20
06/01/2018ENG - FAFulham v Southampton1Pre3.00bet36510-10
05/01/2018ENG - PLLiverpool v EvertonOver 2.5Pre1.72bet36510+7.20
04/01/2018ENG - PLTottenham v West HamBTTS (G/G)Pre2.00bet36510+10
03/01/2018POR - PLBenfica v SportingBTTS (G/G)Pre1.80bet36510+8
02/01/2018ENG - PLWest Ham v West Brom1Pre1.95bet365500+475
01/01/2018ENG - PLStoke v Newcastle1Pre2.35bet365200-200

Disclaimer: This is not investment or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.