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We love the NBA. We also feel devotion with the Euroleague. That explains why basketball is our second biggest sport in our interest list. We provide basketball tips including daily NBA predictions as well as Euroleague tips for all major leagues around Europe and the biggest international tournaments (Eurobasket, Euro U20 etc.). So, why don’t you sit comfortably and check our basketball tips below:

Daily Basketball Picks

19/11/2017NBAPHX Suns v CHI Bulls2 (+3.0)Pre1.90bet36520
18/11/2017NBAATL Hawks v BOS Celtics1Pre3.25bet36510-10
17/11/2017ELCSKA Moscow v Fenerbahce2 (+6.0)Pre1.90bet365100+90
16/11/2017NBABoston Celtics v GS WarriorsOver 215.0Pre1.90bet36540-40
15/11/2017ELFenerbahce v Olympiacos1 (-6.5)Pre1.90bet36520-20
14/11/2017ELPanathinaikos v Khimki MoscowUnder 157.5Pre1.90bet36510-10
13/11/2017NBALA Clippers v PHI 76ers2Pre2.00bet36540+40
12/11/2017NBAIND Pacers v HOU RocketsWinning Margin
HOU Rockets 3-6
11/11/2017NBAGS Warriors v PHI 76ers2 (+14.0)Pre1.90bet36510-10
10/11/2017ELOlympiacos v Panathinaikos2 (+5.0)Pre1.90bet36510+9
09/11/2017ELCSKA Moscow v ValenciaUnder 162.5Pre1.90bet36510+9
08/11/2017NBABOS Celtics v LA Lakers1 (-9.0)Pre1.90bet365200+180
07/11/2017NBACLE Cavaliers v MIL Bucks2 (+4.5)Pre1.90bet365100-100
06/11/2017NBAPHX Suns v BKN Nets1 (-1.5)Pre1.90bet36540-40
05/11/2017NBANY Knicks V IND Pacers2Pre2.05bet36520-20
04/11/2017NBADET Pistons v SAC KingsUnder 196.5Pre1.90bet36510-10
03/11/2017NBAOKC Thunder v BOS Celtics2Pre2.85bet36520+37
02/11/2017ELBaskonia v PanathinaikosUnder 152.5Pre1.90bet36510-10
01/11/2017NBACLE Cavaliers v IND Pacers2Pre5.75bet36520+95
31/10/2017NBAMIL Bucks v OKC Thunder1Pre2.05bet36510-10
30/10/2017NBAHOU Rockets v PHI 76ersOver 216.5Pre1.90bet36540+36
29/10/2017NBAATL Hawks v MIL Bucks1 (+4.5)Pre1.95bet36520-20
28/10/2017NBAMEM Grizzlies v Houston Rockets2 (+1.5)Pre1.90bet36510-10
27/10/2017ELPanathinaikos v Fenerbahce1 (-1.5)Pre1.95bet36540+38
26/10/2017ELOlympiacos v Khimki MoscowUnder 150.0Pre1.90bet36520-20
25/10/2017ELCSKA Moscow v Panathinaikos2 (+9.0)Pre1.90bet36510-10
24/10/2017ELMaccabi v Olympiacos2Pre2.00bet36510+10
23/10/2017NBADEN Nuggets v WAS Wizards2Pre2.30bet36510+13
22/10/2017NBAOKC Thunder v MIN Timberwolves2 (+4.0)Pre1.90bet36510+9
21/10/2017NBAUTA Jazz v OKC ThunderUnder 200.0Pre1.90bet36520+18
20/10/2017ELOlympiacos v Unicaja MalagaUnder 144.0Pre1.90bet36510-10
19/10/2017ELPanathinaikos v Brose BambergOver 151.0Pre1.90bet36520+18
17/10/2017NBACLE Cavaliers v BOS CelticsOver 212.0Pre1.90bet36510-10
15/10/2017GRE - A1Panathinaikos v PAOK2 (+24.5)Pre1.90bet365250+225
14/10/2017SPA - ACBUnicaja Malaga v Real Betis2 (+13.5)Pre1.90bet365100-100
13/10/2017ELBarcelona v Panathinaikos2 (+5.0)Pre1.90bet36540-40
12/10/2017ELBrose Bamberg v Maccabi Tel Aviv1Pre2.00bet36520-20
09/10/2017GRE - A1GS Lavrio v GS Kymis2 (+8.5)Pre1.90bet36510-10
08/10/2017GRE - A1Olympiacos v PanathinaikosUnder 143.0Pre1.90bet36520+18
07/10/2017GRE - A1PAOK v Promitheas1 (-4.5)Pre1.90bet36510-10

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