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We love the NBA. We also feel devotion with the Euroleague. That explains why basketball is our second biggest sport in our interest list. We provide basketball tips including daily NBA predictions as well as Euroleague tips for all major leagues around Europe and the biggest international tournaments (Eurobasket, Euro U20 etc.). So, why don’t you sit comfortably and check our basketball tips below:

Daily Basketball Picks

25/04/2018NBACLE Cavaliers v IND Pacers1 (-6.5)Pre1.90
(25/04/2018 at 09.00)
bet36510 if previous won.
100 if previous lost.
25/04/2018ELReal Madrid v Panathinaikos2 (+7.0)Pre1.90
(25/04/2018 at 09.00)
24/04/2018ELZalgiris v Olympiacos2Pre2.30
(24/04/2018 at 09.00)
23/04/2018NBAUTA Jazz v OKC Thunder2 (+5.5)Pre1.90
(23/04/2018 at 09.55)
22/04/2018NBAIND Pacers v CLE Cavaliers2Pre1.90
(22/04/2018 at 09.15)
22/04/2018NBAMIL Bucks v BOS Celtics1 (-4.5)Pre1.90
(22/04/2018 at 09.15)
21/04/2018NBAMIN Timberwolves v HOU RocketsOver 214.5Pre1.90
(21/04/2018 at 09.00)
21/04/2018NBAMIA Heat vPHI 76ers1 (+3.0)Pre1.90
(21/04/2018 at 09.00)
20/04/2018ELOlympiacos v ZalgirisUnder 149.5Pre1.90
(20/04/2018 at 08.23)
19/04/2018ELPanathinaikos v Real Madrid1 (-3.5)Pre1.94
(19/04/2018 at 09.35)
18/04/2018ELOlympiacos v Zalgiris2 (+6.5)Pre1.90
(18/04/2018 at 09.02)
17/04/2018ELPanathinaikos v Real MadridUnder 162.0Pre1.90
(17/04/2018 at 10.22)
16/04/2018NBAGS Warriors v SA SpursUnder 205.5Pre1.90
(16/04/2018 at 07.50)
15/04/2018NBABOS Celtics v MIL Bucs2Pre2.55
(15/04/2018 at 09.05)
14/04/2018NBAGS Warriors v SA SpursOver 206.0Pre1.90
(14/04/2018 at 09.05)
13/04/2018GRE - BLPanathinaikos v Kolossos Rhodes2 (+25.5)Pre1.90
(13/04/2018 at 08.35)
12/04/2018SPA - ACBValencia v BaskoniaOver 160.5Pre1.90
(12/04/2018 at 08.25)
11/04/2018NBANO Pelicans v SA SpursUnder 211.0Pre1.90
(11/04/2018 at 07.15)
10/04/2018NBAPHI 76ers v ATL HawksOver 219.0Pre1.90
(10/04/2018 at 08.25)
09/04/2018NBASA Spurs v SAC KingsUnder 199.5Pre1.90
(09/04/2018 at 07.15)
08/04/2018NBAPHI 76ers v DAL MavericksOver 215.5Pre1.90
(08/04/2018 at 07.15)
07/04/2018NBALA Clippers v DEN Nuggets1 (-1.0)Pre1.95
(07/04/2018 at 09.35)
06/04/2018NBAPHI 76ers v CLE Cavaliers1 (-3.5)Pre1.90bet36540-40
06/04/2018ELOlympiacos v Zalgiris1 (-4.0)Pre1.90bet36520-20
05/04/2018ELBarcelona v Khimki2Pre2.50bet36510-10
04/04/2018NBAORL Magic v DAL Mavericks1Pre2.00bet36510+10
02/04/2018GRE - BLPanathinaikos v Aris2 (+26.5)Pre1.90bet36510+9
01/04/2018NBABKN Nets v DET Pistons2 (-1.0)Pre1.90bet36510+9
31/03/2018NBASAC Kings v GS Warriors2 (-8.5)Pre1.90bet36520+18
30/03/2018ELPanathinaikos v ValenciaOver 157.0Pre1.90bet36510-10
30/03/2018ELMalaga v Olympiacos1Pre2.25bet36510+12.50
29/03/2018NBAMIA Heat v CHI BullsUnder 210.5Pre1.90bet36510+9
29/03/2018ELAnadolu Efes v Barcelona2 (-1.0)Pre1.90bet36510+9
28/03/2018NBAUTA Jazz v BOS Celtics2 (+6.5)Pre1.90bet365250+225
26/03/2018NBAPHI 76ers DEN Nuggets2 (+5.5)Pre1.90bet365100-100
25/03/2018NBASAC Kings v BOS CelticsOver 200.5Pre1.90bet36540-40
24/03/2018NBAMEM Grizzlies v LA LakersOver 218.0Pre1.90bet36520-20
23/03/2018NBASA Spurs v UTA JazzUnder 195.5Pre1.90bet36510-10
23/03/2018ELBarcelona v Baskonia2 (-1.0)Pre1.90bet36520+18
22/03/2018NBASAC Kings v ATL Hawks2Pre2.20bet36510-10
22/03/2018ELMaccabi v Panathinaikos2Pre2.00novibet10+10
21/03/2018NBASA Spurs v WAS WizardsUnder 203.5Pre1.90bet36520+18
21/03/2018ELCSKA Moscow v Olympiacos1 (-9.0)Pre1.90bet36510-10
20/03/2018NBAPOR Trail Blazers v HOU RocketsOver 214.5Pre1.90bet36510+9
20/03/2018ELPanathinaikos v Crvena ZvezdaOver 159.5Pre1.93novibet20+18
19/03/2018NBACLE Cavaliers v MIL BucksUnder 223.0Pre1.90bet36510-10
18/03/2018NBAMIN Timberwolves v HOU RocketaOver 219.0Pre1.90bet36510+9
17/03/2018NBAMIL Bucks v ATL Hawks2 (+11.0)Pre1.90bet36510+9
16/03/2018NBALA Lakers v MIA Heat2Pre2.50bet36510+15
16/03/2018ELMalaga v Panathinaikos2 (-2.0)Pre1.90bet36510+9
15/03/2018NBASA Spurs v NO PelicansUnder 219.5Pre1.90bet36510+9
15/03/2018ELOlympiacos v Barcelona2 (+7.5)Pre1.95novibet10+9.50
14/03/2018NBABOS Celtics v WAS Wizards2Pre2.00bet36510+10
13/03/2018NBACHI Bulls v LA ClippersUnder 224.5Pre1.90bet36520+18
12/03/2018NBAOKC Thunder v SAC KingsOver 212.5Pre1.90bet36510-10
11/03/2018NBABOS Celtics v IND Pacers2 (+6.5)Pre1.90bet36540+36
10/03/2018NBAOKC Thunder v SA Spurs2 (+4.5)Pre1.90bet36520-20
09/03/2018NBALA Clippers v CLE Cavaliers2Pre1.95bet36510-10
09/03/2018ELOlympiacos v Bamberg2 (+11.5)Pre1.96novibet10+9.60
08/03/2018NBAMIN Timberwolves v BOS Celtics2 (-2.0)Pre1.90bet36510+9
08/03/2018ELReal Madrid v Panathinaikos1 (-5.5)Pre1.90bet36510+9
07/03/2018NBADEN Nuggets v CLE Cavalies2 (+2.5)Pre1.90bet36520+18
06/03/2018NBALA Clippers v NO Pelicans1 (-3.0)Pre1.90bet36510-10
05/03/2018NBACHI Bulls v BOS CelticsUnder 215.5Pre1.90bet36510+9
04/03/2018NBAMIL Bucks v PHI 76ers1Pre1.95bet36520+19
03/03/2018NBAPOR Trail Blazers v OKC Thunder2Pre2,60bet36510-10
02/03/2018ELPanathinaikos v Olympiacos2 (+5.5)Pre1.90bet36540+36
01/03/2018NBASAC Kings v BKN Nets2 (-1.0)Pre1.90bet36520-20
01/03/2018ELMilano v Anadolu EfesOver 168.0Pre1.90bet36510-10

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