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Live Betting – What is it and how can you take advantage of in-play opportunities?

Live betting during any sporting event and watching the odds change as it progresses is an exhilarating experience. It is actually very hard to argue that live betting (or in-play betting) has been one of the most exciting developments for the betting industry in recent years.

Not only for the bookmakers who obviously love this type of engagement, keeping the customers in their web or mobile sites for longer than they used to manage before. But also for the bettors, who can watch a match live and have a better understanding of what could happen next.

Live betting is for our web site exactly what would be a cooking recipe for a food blog. We try to provide different strategies for live betting to our visitors and are willing to learn anything new by experimenting in the current betting environment. In other words, we try to tell you what would work better in relevance with the current trends in the industry.

Live Betting: Why is it better than traditional betting?

Live Betting lets you buy the odds at any time of a sporting event. Especially when it is combined with live coverage, you can build an opinion of how a game can develop in the next few minutes.

There is a constant update of the odds, implemented by both software and humans, called odds compilers or just sport traders assigned from the bookmakers to different events according with their importance. So, there is a human behaviour in the odds you are offered, so there could be a mistake that you can take advantage of in a few cases.

By reading a team’s or a player’s stats, you can determine whether there is value in the odds or not. This might take a bit of experience, but you can get there before you lose a fortune trying to find out what works and what doesn’t. If you are a person who meticulously study the statistics and make informed decisions, then you are ready for Live Betting.

Live Betting also gives you the chance to do some kind of hedging. To put it simply, you can cover yourself up by betting on the opposite from what you did earlier. Say you have a bet on Liverpool to beat Man Utd at the odds of 2.50 (3/2 in UK) and Liverpool goes 1-0 up. But, you know already, or you can see in the game that they have lost the momentum and defend for the result and at the same time United looks like they are going to score. Live Betting gives you so many different options to cover your bet. You could bet on ‘next goal Man Utd’ or ‘Man Utd DNB’ (Draw No Bet), or a hell lot of other options. But be sure to keep it simple unless you dreamt of what is going to happen in the game you’re watching.

To mention one more advantage (and definitely not the last in the list), with live betting there is no longer a cut-off for when bets have to be placed. If you did not manage to bet on a match in time, you will find it in the In-Play section of your bookmaker. Probably with changed odds while the game is being played.

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Live Betting: How does it work?

All bookmakers provide a special tab/section dedicated to Live Betting where you can select the sport and specific event of your interest. In this window, with or without live streaming on, you will see all bets available for that specific event. When Live Betting appeared about 7 years ago, you could only bet on the winner of the match, the number of goals or the ‘next goal’ at most. Nowadays, if you are not focused on what you are looking for you can be easily distracted by numerous options and any type of odds.

Live Betting Strategies – Do they actually exist?

Yes, they do. As the traditional betting strategies work too. But it needs time, time, patience, focus and good capital management.

We follow many different strategies that we will list gradually in specific posts in the relevant category.

Live Betting: Where to bet live?

We love the user interface from bet365 that is undoubtedly the best in In-Play betting. They have hundreds of games with live streaming daily and even more available for live betting. It was one of the first betting companies to take Live Betting to the next level, providing some great product innovations.

Open an account with bet365 today (T&Cs apply)

Live Betting on LiveTipster

LiveTipster has started as a web site to provide live betting predictions and strategies. To be 100% honest, during the procedure and constant development, we have come up with some serious strategies that refer to ante (or pre) betting. An example is the implementation of the ‘Noughts and Crosses’ game in football and horses betting. Another one is the use of the Fibonacci Sequence to build an alternative that could secure more profits when you come from one or more lost bets. And as you can see in our tips pages, it works perfectly in specific sports or tournaments.